Delicate Peeling
 Delicate Peeling  Delicate Peeling  Delicate Peeling

Delicate Peeling

Purifying – Soothing – Radiance

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Quick description:

Hypoallergenic formula – 0% parabens – 0% silicones – 0% alcool

Sensitive skin could go finally for the peeling without fearing the irritations and redness that can be caused by traditional scrubs: the Delicate Peeling contains neither AHA nor abrasive particles.Both benefiting of the Derma Complex technology enriched with Kombuchka and with an enzyme, the Keratoline, it ensures the effectiveness of a classic scrub while offering the softness of a treatment.

Exceptional benefits:

  • - Gently exfoliates and purifies the skin

  • - Deeply unclogs pores without damaging the epidermis

  • - Smooths the skin texture and makes the complexion more even

  • - Allows a better skin oxygenation (skin renewal)

  • - Provides a sensation of comfort

Tests results:
SELF-ASSESSMENT TESTS Conducted on a representative panel of 20 women after 28 days.
Purifying [67%]
Smoothing [72%]
Radiance [62%]

Using advice: Its creamy and easy to apply texture turns into a silky oil for an absolute comfort: 1 to 2 times a week in a thin layer on the entire face avoiding the eye area. Leave on for 5/10 min then rinse with clear water.

Expert advice: Use in synergy with the Comfort Cream, the Eye Contour and the Corrector Serum or the Night Mask-in-Cream also available in the Rexaline DERMA range.