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Rexaline - Hydratation de la peau - Cosmétique - Anti rides - anti cernes


too heavy or too dark, thin it down in your hand, before applying it, with a little Hydra-Dose hyper-hydrating cream

Trouble waking up

Late nights, smoking, lack of sleep and/or lack of sunlight and your complexion is grey, dull and blotchy-looking. No question, though, of using a high coverage foundation that makes you look like your mother! The trick of not looking like a Red Indian: wet and wring out a make-up sponge, put a small dollop of foundation on it, and apply it evenly with the sponge all over your face. You will thus have a super natural result. Even better, a small dollop of Rexaline Hydra-Divine Hyper-Hydrating Rejuvenating Skin Veil guarantees a healthy glow and perfect hydration.

Your skin shines relentlessly

Yet you don't use any greasy creams! You think that harsh cleansing products and scrubs will remedy this. Big mistake! In order not to stimulate the production of the sebum responsible for oily skin it is necessary, on the contrary, to favour mild products: cleansing with water, morning and evening, with a mild gel or micellar water is enough. And use a moisturising cream that does not leave a greasy film on the skin. Hydra-Dose hyper-hydrating cream for normal to combination skin fulfils this function perfectly..

Your lips also need to be exfoliated.

You need to be aware that the skin of the lips is 5 times thinner than on the rest of the face. Your lips are thus an ultra-sensitive area and you need to take great care of them. To make them soft, you must get rid of dead skin (from time to time), and moisturise them intensely (all the time). So give yourself a little massage with a special gentle exfoliant, and you can take advantage of the night to offer them a mask with an ultra-moisturising, nourishing, and plumping balm. You’ll wake up with the gorgeous pink lips of a baby.

Apply your skin care products from the bottom upwards.

Yes, indeed, when applying your moisturiser, it is best to avoid pushing the face downwards (it already does that very well on its own). It is a question of gravity. So you start from the neck moving up to the forehead, and from the centre of the face to the cheekbones. You get a guaranteed push-up effect. A little bonus for you and a great step in defying the laws of gravity.

Dry skin

generally has a fine, matte texture, but on closer inspection it may have grainy areas, especially around the corners of the mouth, around the eyes and on the forehead. If neglected, they will weaken over time and produce wrinkles.
Basic principles to follow: do not shower in water that is too hot, dry thoroughly after showering with a soft towel, never leave the bathroom without having applied a moisturiser.