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Blue Monday, a beauty routine that beats the blues!

Blue Monday, a beauty routine that beats the blues!

"Blue Monday”, Hello Sadness!

Blue Monday is said to be the saddest day of the year! Are you a part of the 41% of people who dread this Monday even more depressing than the others?...

Monday 18th January will be designated by the term " Blue Monday ". This phenomenon, which takes place every year on the third Monday of January, is gaining in notoriety according to polls. Most people seem to be more and more depressed...

The end of the holidays, the end of the holiday celebrations, combined with freezing temperatures, shorter days... Add to this the quarantine, curfews, and masks, closed sports halls, restaurants, cafés, cinemas, and theatres... who would say else?

There are surely lots of points that justify "Blue Monday" as the most depressing day of the year. But this so-called ‘most depressing day of the year’ is nothing more than a pretext to evoke a gloomy period, better known as the winter blues. How can you resist the urge to stay hidden under your blanket? For what regards the lack of sunshine, you can always try the light therapy lamps or start to plan your next holidays, but there is no going outside ...


However, you can also make Blue Monday the happiest day for your skin!

To do so, here is the beauty routine that will make it feel good again:

Its Favorite: Hydra-Shock mask, a hydration concentrate to be applied for 15 minutes for a radiance boost; all night long as an intensive treatment; or as a restorative treatment 7 days in a row.

Its Secret Tip: Hydra-BigBang serum, that uses the energy of Olivine, a volcanic gemstone, to eliminate all signs of fatigue from your face and restore its radiance.

Its Comforter: Hydra-Dose cream specially formulated to compensate for the loss of water from the skin responsible for its ageing (Hydra-Dose Rich for dry skin and Hydra-Dose Nutri+ for very dry skin), plumping and smoothing it.

Its Must-have: Hydra-Divine Skin Veil to wave goodbye to complexion greyness and regain the natural healthy glow of sunny days all year round.