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Combination skins: carry out a deep treatment at home, step by step, like in an institute!

Combination skins: carry out a deep treatment at home, step by step, like in an institute!

Do you have a combination skin, with dry or oily tendencies? If so, did you know that if your skin was regularly purified and deeply cleansed, it would be healthier and therefore less affected by the signs of aging?

With pollution, external residues of all kinds, sebum excess, perspiration, and even make-up, the skin on your face can quickly lose its radiance and be more prone to show early signs of aging. It is known that a well-moisturized skin is less likely to be wrinkled. But a skin that breathes is also much more receptive to moisturizing active ingredients.

To further optimize your daily beauty routine, it is important to regularly go through the "facial skin care" step. At least once a week for a stunning and extremely fast result, if possible, once or twice a month if your schedule does not allow you to do more.

With the help of Rexaline products, you can now enjoy a real deep treatment at home, worthy of the services offered by beauty institute professionals. Thanks to a combination of our tailor-made products, follow this beauty ritual step by step that will deeply cleanse your skin, plump it up and intensely moisturize it so that it looks significantly younger!


  1. Let your skin breathe.

With a spray of misting water and a few absorbent cotton discs, start with superficially cleansing your face. This is the ideal moment to degrease, refresh and tone your skin, let it breathe while removing your make-up if you are wearing it.


  1. Sanitize and gently exfoliate.

Spread a small amount of Derma Delicate Peeling over your entire face. Its unctuous texture is made to be massaged circularly over the whole face. Starting with your forehead and going down on your temples and finishing with your cheekbones, your cheeks, and your chin.

This enzymatic exfoliant is grain-free and was initially created for a non-aggressive effect when in contact with the most sensitive skins. It will gradually change texture; from a cleanser to a cream, it will eventually turn into a silky, scrubbing oil. Let the process begin!

This is the perfect time to leave it on for about ten minutes. Take advantage of this time to relax, go for a decompressing activity and let the enzymes deeply cleanse your skin, while replenishing it. Once the application time is over, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.

  1. Open up your … pores.

This is the most decisive step within your facial skin care process as it will provide multiple benefits. Using a facial sauna, or a simple container filled with boiling water, and a towel to cover up your face, you must let the steam spread over your face for 15 minutes. This will make your skin sweat and open your pores. Thus, all impurities (pollution, residues of all kinds, sebum) will be removed, and your pores will be left opened to ensure a deep cleansing care.

Once the 15 minutes are up, lightly dab your face with a tissue to dehumidify your skin.


  1. Pinch, pierce, remove!

Now comes the least pleasant part! We have witnessed the emergence of new tools that are accessible and easy to use, such as the sebum and blackhead vacuums. They can be found everywhere. But professionals still remove sebum and blackheads by hand.

Using two tissues, one in each hand, your two index fingers will pinch the sebum areas of your face. Begin with the sides of your nose, go on with your forehead, cheekbones and cheeks and finish with your chin. The idea is to apply pressure, without marking your skin, to get rid of the excess sebum. Usually, if you have previously opened your pores as mentioned in the previous step, this part will be easier.

  1. Heal, moisturize, and plump.

Since your pores are still open, now is the time to offer your skin a moisturizing and repairing mask. Spread a generous amount of Hydra Shock over your cheeks, forehead, and chin. Leave it on for 15 minutes.

Its plumping and over-moisturizing action will penetrate your open pores which will engulf your skin and nourish it to the maximum. Rinse thoroughly with warm water once the application time is over.

  1. Boost the regeneration of your skin cells.

We have been hearing about glycolic acid for a couple years now. It is a natural active ingredient of (extracted from sugar cane or fruits) that is found in new peels. This molecule has also proven its benefits as a treatment against acne, as well as in the regeneration of skin cells. It literally boosts the synthesis of collagen which makes the skin more supple, a dream anti-aging active!

Using two discs of X-treme PeelPads enriched with glycolic acid, face to face with granules, massage your entire face in circular movements.

Once the discs have been drained from the product, use your hands to make the solution penetrate as well as possible. Do not rinse.


  1. Finish with your usual beauty routine.

Proceed with your daily routine to complete this deep treatment.

Begin with Hydra-EyeZone eye contour care: apply it on the recommended areas, using light tapping motions, and moving up to the sides to target the "sun wrinkle" - more commonly known as "crow's feet".


Then apply the Hydra-Big Bang serum: 3 to 4 drops are enough to cover the entire face. Spread and massage in circular motions.


This relaxing beauty treatment will harmonize your skin features and plumping them up. It will smooth your face, the relieve congestion of your eye contour, and provide you with a flabbergasting rested and stress-free look.


You want more? You can finish with applying your Hydra-Dose, Hydra-Dose Rich or Hydra-Dose Nutri + day cream according to your needs, in order to seal in the hydration provided by this treatment. If your skin tends to be oily, opt for Hydra-DepolluSkin, which will mattify your complexion and keep you from any "shiny" effect. You will thus regain a perfectly nourished, deeply healthy, and extremely luminous face.