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Desert Rose and Red Algae, a perfect combo in hydration!

Desert Rose and Red Algae, a perfect combo in hydration!

What can bring together two plants as far apart as Desert Rose and Red Algae? One lives in desert, hot and arid; the other strives in the icy waters of the Arctic Ocean. Yet they are combined to provide you with the best hydrating properties thanks to a quality they share: an astonishing moisturizing power that reinforces that of Hyaluronic Acid. 


The Desert Rose is the very example of a survivor in arid zones. Enriched in anti-dehydration molecules, it is characterized by its longevity and resistance to drought. It preciously conserves the little water it has at its disposal.

Mainly growing in Africa, the Desert Rose is an evergreen plant, oscillating from the size of a shrub up to 3 meters high. Its trunk forms a caudex ("swollen" trunk), a sort of very large swelling of the part under the branches. Its many small branches end in a few large fleshy leaves arranged in spirals. This plant is especially particular since each new leaf causes the fall of an older one. The fewer the leaves, the less the evaporation: a real survival technique in arid areas.

Its ability to retain water favors its key role in the skin hydration process.

The Red Algae is less well known than the green one which is often found washed up on beaches. But it has many qualities for the skin. Amongst them, it surprisingly holds moisturizing virtues.

Accustomed to surviving in cold seas, tossed around by strong currents, Red Algae stands out for its unique capacity to boost the synthesis of Hyaluronic Acid in the epidermis and to boost its natural production, for a global hydration of the middle layers of the epidermis.

Rich in antioxidants, it helps to combat the loss of elasticity of the skin and therefore the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines, providing a powerful anti-ageing action. Its enzymes, fatty acids, amino acids, and vitamins also form a real revitalizing cocktail for the skin.

Complementing and reinforcing the action of Hyaluronic Acid, these two plants form in Rexaline a shock coalition against skin dehydration and aging.