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Gold: an unsuspected treasure of beauty!

Gold: an unsuspected treasure of beauty!



Cleopatra's main beauty secret to preserve her beauty and youthfulness was gold. In the last centuries, geishas used gold leaves to keep a fresh complexion and to absorb excess sebum without depriving the skin of its natural moisture. Today, it is still the beauty secret of Victoria's Secret Angels to flaunt a radiant tone. And gold is now coming back in our beauty rituals. Its mesmerizing color as much as its luxurious composition will never stop hypnotizing us!


Gold is a true elixir of youth that smooths the skin and diminishes existing fine lines. This precious active ingredient stimulates the synthesis of collagen and that of elastin. It restores the skin’s radiance and vitality. In addition, it is biocompatible with all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The gold used in cosmetics is pure, i.e. 24-carat gold.

Gold in cosmetics accentuates the radiance of the complexion and promotes a healthy glow. Indeed, this precious metal is perfect for boosting the immune system. It will stimulate cells’ metabolism and thus have an antibacterial action: it will tone and revitalize the dullest skins.




Gold’s microscopic molecules can penetrate the epidermal cells. They then help to fight against oxidative stress caused daily by pollution, smoking and stress. It also limits spots and wrinkles.


The amount of pure gold present in a product will obviously impact on its properties. Thus, the more the treatment holds Gold, the greater are the benefits. Its virtues are so real that medical science itself is increasingly interested in Gold.


REXALINE’S EXPERTS TIP: As a first step, cleanse your face thoroughly by exfoliating to remove dead skin and impurities with X-treme Peel Pads. Next, apply X-treme Gold Radiance 24K Gold Regenerating Mask, before putting on the X-treme Booster Restructuring Serum. Finally, apply the X-treme Renovator High Performance Cream (or X-treme Renovator Rich) for a complete anti-aging routine!