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Have you ever heard about the triangle of beauty?

Have you ever heard about the triangle of beauty?

Have you ever heard about the triangle of beauty? Also called the triangle of youth, it refers to the process of inversion of one’s face features and dimensions caused by aging and gravity.

The triangle of beauty is used to symbolize face youth. Its upper base is delimited by a straight segment joining the two cheekbones, and its lower vertex is centered on the chin. This V-shaped triangle is one of the main attributes of beauty.


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Young women's faces are characterized by prominent cheekbones with a comma-shaped curve in profile towards the chin, the protruding point at the bottom of the face. The cheeks form the base of a triangle, with the chin as its apex.


As we age, this triangle is reversed: the cheeks lose their volume, the skin loses firmness and slides down the face. Indeed, gravity makes it heavier and thicker with time, increasing its severe and sad appearance.


Three main elements are responsible for this inversion of the triangle of youth into the triangle of old age:

- Fat loss and migration: Gravity then attracts the skin and the fat layer towards the lower part of the face.


- Loss of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid: The skin is less elastic, less pulpy, less hydrated and less adherent to the underlying structures.


- Bone loss: It hollows out the face and contributes to a lack of volume.

The solution? A treatment capable of meeting the specific needs of both facial areas: X-treme Face Sculpt thus offers two formulas in a single product. Discover how to restore volume to the face naturally.


① A Slimming Formula, enriched with Glaucine and Peptides, is designed to be applied on the lower part of the face (oval of the face and neck) to redefine, refine and lift the contours. A perfect oval, and without surgery!

② A Volumizing Formula, enriched with Peony extract, is dedicated to the upper part of the face (cheekbones-temples-forehead) to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, plump up and redensify the skin. It You’ll get bumpy cheekbones and a rejuvenated face!


Harmony can be restored by improving the quality of the facial skin, preventing, and controlling sagginess, acting on its structure and volumes. Thanks to these two formulas dedicated to each part of the face, the face skin regains firmness, tone, and radiance.

Here is how you can reverse the laws of gravity and rejuvenate your face painlessly!