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Neuroscience, aromachology… A holistic and Zen beauty!

Neuroscience, aromachology… A holistic and Zen beauty!

In 2021, Caring for skin also means pampering the senses: smell, touch and sight. With ultra-sensory textures and aromachological scents, neuroscience is increasingly part of cosmetic formulas. Aromachology is the science of phenomena related to odors, and more particularly the influence of odors on both physical and mental well-being. Breathe orange blossom to calm your anxiety, jasmine to be more joyful or lemongrass to refocus ... More than ever, beauty is a matter of pleasure and feeling that contribute to the effectiveness of the result.


It's not just a trend from Asia. The idea that beauty rituals should be as relaxing as they are good for the skin is gaining ground. Who would want to apply a cream - even a very effective one - if its smell is offensive or if its texture remains sticky? Sensory analysis has become one of the keys to product development. It is the senses that often decide the choice. The seductive power of a product is a promise of effectiveness: We will very much want to apply it with regularity.


From brain...


Between senses and brain, the connexion works at full speed. Let’s take that of touch: Thousands of nerve fibers permanently connect the skin to the brain and transmit an endless flow of information to it. A simple pressure on the epidermis triggers a cascade of molecular messages. In turn, these activate complex skin processes: vasodilation of vessels, cell regeneration, strengthening of the barrier function or alerting immune defense system. This explains some surprising details! Did you know that endorphins - hormones of well-being and love - are emitted by both the brain and the keratinocytes in the epidermis? And that the satiety hormone, leptin, is secreted at the same time by the brain and the adipocytes in the dermis?


to neuroscience


We can better understand why cosmetic researchers are working to decipher these interactions, summarized under the name of “neuroscience”. More than a source of inspiration, neuroscience is at the heart of formulations. Applying its principles to skin care has opened up a cosmetic territory with an incredible potential.


A heart of efficiency in a dress of pleasure: this could be the definition of Rexaline skincare products. Beyond performance criteria, we now expect much more from a cream than anti-aging, moisturizing or smoothing functions... A complete holistic approach through well-being, emotions or even the creation of products to use in the bathroom, to have moments "for oneself". This allows us to disconnect from an exhausting world and bring it serenity and happiness. The choice of texture and ingredients is the key to total well-being, it’s the new goal of beauty.

Skin caring takes the route of pleasure!