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Tighened [+71%](1) - Increased Glow [81%](2) - Toned [84%](2)

Active Energizing Concentrate

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Quick description:

An explosion of cosmic actives !

A true shot of energy, this S.O.S. treatment helps to resist the daily physical and emotional imbalances that cause visible signs of exhaustion on the face: Marked features, dullness, fine lines ...

The action of Olivine, a rare and precious stone of volcanic origin, is added to that of the Hyaluronic Acid Duo of the Rexaline Complex to ensure a gradual rebalancing of the hydration mechanism of the skin, while acting at the same time. cell level to neutralize the effects of daily stress.

It gives tone to tired cells, relieves the complexion, smoothes the features and makes all the radiance in the face.

The fluid and ultra-sensory texture of this treatment instantly melts into the skin. Used daily, it treats signs of fatigue in their entirety by stimulating and regulating cutaneous metabolism.

Résults :

Clinical tests conducted by independent laboratories on our finished products


TIGHTENED : +71%](1)



TONED : [84%](2)

(1)Instrumental test conducted by the independent AMA laboratories on a panel of 23 women after 28 days. Result obtained on the best case. (2)Self-assessment tests conducted by the independent AMA laboratories on a panel of 32 women after 28 days.