Rexaline Hydra 3D

Rexaline Hydra 3D

Some claim it, others promise it…REXALINE PROVES IT!

Rexaline 2016 : Even further in hydration!

A youthful skin is a perfectly hydrated skin. While aging, the skin reveals a lack of water, wrinkles appear…  

The Rexaline solution: compensate for this loss by supplying the skin with the optimal dose of hydration it daily needs.

Rexaline became the reference brand in anti-aging through hyper-hydration thanks to its exclusive Complex, a Hyaluronic Acid duo (HA) and its double effect: immediate and in the long term... 

Rexaline 3D New Generation has enriched its Complex with two powerful vegetal actives, the Desert Rose and the Red Algae, to create a synergy and to enhance its global anti-aging action on all the levels of the epidermis: A 3D action for exceptional results proven by clinical tests conducted by independent laboratories.


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