Hydra Depolluskin

Hydra Depolluskin

Hydration [+50%](1) - Mattifying [70%](2) - Pores Minimizer [60%](2)

Depolluting Protecting Gel-Cream

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Quick description:

Combination to oily skin - Airless 50ml

go green with your skin !

For the first time, Rexaline creates a global anti-pollution skincare whose double action permit to fight against immediate and long-term pollution effects.

A first « shot »*** of Hyaluronic Acid counterbalances the lack of water on the skin surface. The White Horehound contained in the formula acts as a shield to protect the skin from external aggressions and free radicals while moisturizing intensely. It’s Moringa active has a detoxifying and depolluting action, which helps to remove the pollution particles present on the skin. The reinforced sebo-regulating action refines skin texture, reduces pores and mattifies the complexion. The skin is smooth and radiant.

In the long-term: The new Rexaline complex distributes optimal hydration at all levels of the epidermis. The skin is smoothed, the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines is reduced, the skin seems plumped, radiant and the complexion more even.

soft and unctuous, this light gel-emulsion texture instantly melts into the skin without tightness sensation, for a long-lasting comfort and hydration.

Turn the end of the vial to the right until you hear a "click" to unlock it before use. Apply Hydra DepolluSkin morning and / or evening on clean, dry skin. To be use in synergy with Rexaline Hydra-Force Serum.

(1) Instrumental test conducted by AMA independent laboratories on a representative panel of 10 women after 15 minutes.

(2) Self-assessment tests conducted by AMA independent laboratories on a representative panel of 30 women after 28 days.