Since its creation, ID Beauty SAS located in 31, rue François 1er - 75008 Paris, has worked hard to provide you the best products for your skin with its brand Rexaline. Since its digital transformation, this engagement was carried to your personal data and the way we handle them.


In addition to the personal date you provide us at your account creation, such as name, first name, birth date, postal address and email, we also analyze your behavior on our site for the only purpose to improve our services.


The data that you provide us are useful to let us keep in touch with you (newsletters, order’s shipping); those we analyze are just to improve our services. The only partners that we partially share your data with, are those responsible for delivering your purchases. Those partners only receive the strictly necessary data to accomplish the service they are partnered for, are submitted to the same laws concerning your personal data.


We do not use your personal data anyhow except what your agreed for, without asking for your consent. You also have the right to consult your personal data that we store and correct them if any mistake is noticed. You can at any time cancel your consent about the use of your personal data. We do not personally send your personal data outside of the European Union.


You can always contact us through for more information about your personal data or to execute your right to consult or correct them, also to provide or delete your consent about us handling your personal data.