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Our face skincare rituals.

Products combinations adapted to your beauty concerns.

  1. Routine Printemps 
Pulp Addiction Routine

    Pulp Addiction Routine

    Discover your spring beauty routine composed of 3 skincare to use as a cure for 7 days for a revived complexion and brighter skin.

    From €153.80

    To €153.80

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  2. Routine soin visage 
Sensitive Skin Routine

    Sensitive Skin Routine

    Are you among the 66% of men and women who say they have sensitive skin?

    From €107.70

    To €107.70

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  3. Routine Radiant Complexion by Veronika Loubry Routine Radiant Complexion by Veronika Loubry

    Routine Radiant Complexion by Veronika Loubry

    Exfoliez, nourrissez et unifiez votre peau pour un teint radieux ! 

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  4. Routine Mariage Wedding Routine

    Wedding Routine

    It's YOUR day. The day when you have to feel beautiful...and good!

    From €240.50

    To €240.50

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  5. Radiance Duo Radiance Duo

    Radiance Duo

    Give a second youth to your Beauty Triangle.

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  6. Healthy Glow Kit Healthy Glow Kit

    Healthy Glow Kit

    A radiant skin all year long!

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  7. Radiance Kit Radiance Kit

    Radiance Kit

    To give your skin a real glow, here's a shock routine.

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  8. Routine Happy Skin Happy Skin Routine

    Happy Skin Routine


    From €217.00

    To €217.00

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  9. Routine Hydratation Plus Hydration+ Routine

    Hydration+ Routine

    «When I return from vacation, I still have dehydrated skin and want to prolong my tan..."

    From €136.80

    To €136.80

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  10. Regenerating+ Routine Regenerating+ Routine

    Regenerating+ Routine

    «My skin feels tight and needs comfort , especially
    after the summer months ..."

    From €211.00

    To €211.00

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  11. Routine Energie + Energy+ Routine

    Energy+ Routine

    “Back to work is always synonymous with a race against time,
    with the resumption of customer projects..."

    Out of stock
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  12. Routine Sur-Hydratation Best-Sellers Routine

    Best-Sellers Routine

    Discover a complete routine featuring our must-have products: a kit that has been given multiple awards by beauty professionals and reviewed joyfully by you.

    From €153.80

    To €153.80

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