X-treme Face Sculpt

X-treme Face Sculpt

Wrinkles [-37%]1 - Volumizing [90%]2 - Firming [86%]2 – Slimming [66%]2

Face Architect Bi-Serum

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Quick description:

Mature skin – all skin type


With time, skin looses its density, lacks of firmness and vitality. For the first time, the Face Architect Bi-serum inspired by the aesthetic medecine gathers 2 exclusive formulas in one product to resculpt face’s oval.

1- A Slimming Formula enriched with Glaucine and Peptides, dedicated to the lower part of the face (oval of the face and neck) to redefine, slim and lift facial contours.

2- A Volumizing Formula enriched with Peony extracts, dedicated to the upper part of the face (cheekbones-temples-forehead) to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, replump and densify the skin.

Two exclusive complexes present in both formulas :

- The « DWK Complex », a combination of anti-wrinkle and firmness ingredients targets the cells responsible for skin aging.

- The Rexaline Complex, with its twofold moisturizing effect, on the surface and deep down, replumps and restores skin density.

Immediately, skin is smoothed and more radiant.

Progressively, the oval of the face and neck are slimmed and firmed, cheekbones, temples and forehead are redensified. Fine lines and deep wrinkles are reduced.

These two-skincare dedicated to each part of the face help to improve firmness, tonicity and brightness.

Apply X-treme Face Sculpt serum with fingertips to thoroughly cleansed face while processing the following ritual:

1) Apply the Slimming Serum on the lower part of the face (oval of the face and neck)

2) Apply the Volumizing Serum on the upper part of the face (cheekbones-temples-forehead)

Use each formula separately.

Instrumental test on a panel of ⁽¹⁾ 10 women and ⁽²⁾ self-assessment test on a panel of 30 women conducted by independent laboratories AMA, after ⁽¹⁾⁽²⁾ 28 days of use.