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A beautiful skin under the mask, it's possible!

A beautiful skin under the mask, it's possible!

Coronavirus pandemic has greatly changed our way of life. Wearing a mask is now mandatory in public places and even in the street! If this new accessory has become a daily ally to protect our health, it can alter the quality of our skin. How can we preserve our radiant skin?  


The mask can trigger the breakout of pimples, redness, dryness, and so on.

It creates a warm microclimate on the skin, especially on the cheeks, under the nose and around the mouth. Wearing a mask can cause irritation and redness, and even acne pimples: what we also call maskne! It is due to an excessive production of sebum that hinders the skin's breathing on wearing a mask. This phenomenon can lead to skin rashes such as pimples or redness that burns and itches in some cases. The fabric and elastics also rub the epidermis and irritate it when it is wore in the long-run.


How to treat skin problems caused by the mask? Adapt your beauty routine

To keep your skin healthy and glowing, your beauty routine needs to adapt to those extraordinary time. First, instead of putting on your moisturizer in the morning before going out, apply it just before you put on your mask.

Choose a cream with a light finish that matches your skin type – such as Hydra-Dose. Careful! If it is too rich, it may clog pores. An over-moisturizing serum – like Hydra-Force - may be sufficient. But,  make sure that it contains a complex of active ingredients designed to isolate and protect against external aggressions if you have an oily tendency skin – e.g Hydra-DepolluSkin. As for those with sensitive skins, they should choose a light and comfortable cream that intensely hydrates and calms irritation and redness – such as Derma Comfort Cream.

If you already have a few pimples pointing to the tip of your nose, they should be treated locally with suitable products. Above all, do not mistreat them, you will risk creating even more imperfections. Rexaline Tip: You can treat them with an anti-acne lotion. Then, moisturize your skin well to compensate for the drying effects of the treatment. Thoroughly cleanse your skin, morning, and evening, choosing gentle, soap-free products –e.g Delicate Derma Peeling.

Mask against mask, and no pun intended, the application once or twice a week of an over-moisturizing treatment – such as Hydra-Shock Mask - is highly recommended!

A good routine is key and has a better chance of success than camouflage makeup!


Repairing makeup

Hiding unexpected pimples is a delicate operation. The result must be unified and natural. The skin must breathe so as not to obstruct the pores. Therefore, it is imperative to choose adapted dermo-cosmetic care.

Rexaline Tip: Choose a fluid and light complexion veil that moisturizes, unifies the skin and conceals all small imperfections – hello Hydra-Divine SPF20.


Last advice: Don't forget to change your mask regularly. The cleaner it stays, the less likely it is to cause problems.