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Article: Dehydr'Aging: the challenge, the answer Rexaline

Dehydr'Aging : le défi, la réponse Rexaline

Dehydr'Aging: the challenge, the answer Rexaline

At Rexaline, our anti-aging specialists focus on the different facets of skin aging, and one of the most critical phenomena is Dehydr'Aging. This term, a fusion between dehydration and premature age, describes a state where the skin suffers from chronic dehydration, both on the surface and in depth, leading to accelerated aging.

The Underlying Cause of Dehydr'Aging

Over time, skin naturally loses hyaluronic acid, a key component for maintaining hydration. This reduction, coupled with a reduced capacity of the skin to retain its constituent water, leads to increased dryness and fragility. Symptoms include a dull complexion, skin that marks more easily and a visibly tired appearance.

The Impacts of Dehydr'Aging on the Skin

Dehydration affects the suppleness and elasticity of the skin, leading to the premature appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Dehydrated skin is also more susceptible to external aggressions, which can exacerbate the aging process.

The Rexaline Solution: The Hydra Shock Range

Faced with this challenge, Rexaline has developed the Hydra Shock line, specifically formulated to combat Dehydr'Aging.

Discover the Hydra Shock range

The concept is to fight against chronic dehydration by activating the skin's natural functions and hydroregulation. A complex of phytocells from red algae and rose desert allows a 27% reduction in water loss and a 3-fold increase in water content*. Our cutting-edge technology plays an essential role in maintaining the skin's hydration, protective barrier and overall health. It aims to restore the optimal level of hydration, thus strengthening the skin barrier and reducing the appearance of signs of aging.

Our favorite: the Hydra Shock Eye

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