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Article: should we contrast aesthetic medicine and cosmetics?


should we contrast aesthetic medicine and cosmetics?

In the vast world of dermatology and aesthetics, interventions such as botox injections, hyaluronic acid injections or peels have revolutionized anti-aging care, offering rapid and visible solutions. Have they made anti-aging cosmetics obsolete and should we contrast cosmetics and aesthetic medicine?

This is where Rexaline, a specialist in cosmetics based on hyaluronic acid, plays a vital role.

Rexaline products are designed to repair, hydrate and strengthen the skin on a daily basis, they act deeply. They can therefore help delay the use of cosmetic procedures. If the interventions target specific problems, Rexaline products, thanks to their rich composition in hyaluronic acid, prevent the appearance of future signs of aging. For all people who do not wish to resort to this type of intervention, Rexaline offers particularly effective cosmetic solutions. But Rexaline treatments can also be used to complement and prolong the effects of aesthetic procedures. After an intervention, the skin, often more receptive, greatly benefits from the properties of the hyaluronic acid contained in Rexaline products. Rexaline products, thanks to their advanced formulation, will then maximize the benefits of interventions and will be a factor in maintaining aesthetic results over time. Beyond one-off interventions, integrating a care routine with Rexaline guarantees radiant skin and long-lasting results.

Dermatologists and aesthetic doctors, aware of this synergy, strongly recommend the combined approach.

In conclusion, if you use injections, the alliance between aesthetic medicine and Rexaline products is obvious. Otherwise, you will appreciate having with Rexaline an effective alternative which allows you to combine performance and naturalness.

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