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Article: Hyaluronic Acid: How Does It Work on Your Skin?

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Hyaluronic Acid: How Does It Work on Your Skin?

When we talk about anti-aging, anti-wrinkle or anti-aging skin remedies, hyaluronic acid is always at the heart of discussions as it has become an essential ingredient in the treatment of these concerns. But how does it actually work on your skin? We explain in detail how hyaluronic acid works to help you understand why it is so effective in maintaining hydrated, plump and healthy-looking skin.

Deep hydration

One of the main benefits of hyaluronic acid is its ability to attract and retain moisture. Thanks to its unique molecular structure, it can hold up to 1000 times its weight in water, making it a powerful hydrating agent for your skin. By penetrating into the deepest layers of the epidermis, it helps restore and maintain the skin's moisture balance for long-lasting hydration.

Rexaline has developed a hyaluronic acid technology in the laboratory capable of retaining 15 times more water than conventional hyaluronic acids!

Stimulation of collagen production

In addition to its moisturizing action, hyaluronic acid also stimulates the production of collagen, an essential protein for maintaining the firmness and elasticity of the skin. By strengthening the skin's structure from within, it helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles, while improving skin's texture and firmness for a younger, brighter complexion.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Hyaluronic acid also has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm irritated or sensitive skin. By reducing inflammation and strengthening the skin barrier, it can help relieve redness, itching and irritation, while promoting healthier skin that is more resistant to external aggressions.

Protection against environmental damage

By forming a protective barrier on the skin's surface, hyaluronic acid helps protect against damage caused by free radicals, UV rays and environmental pollution. By strengthening the skin barrier, it keeps the skin hydrated and protected, which reduces the risk of premature aging and cellular damage.

Healing effects

By promoting cell regeneration and speeding up the healing process, hyaluronic acid can also help reduce the appearance of scars and skin imperfections. By promoting wound healing and stimulating the production of new skin cells, it helps restore the appearance and health of the skin for a more even, radiant complexion.

The Derma Repair range from Rexaline is ideal for addressing this skin concern.

By understanding the secrets of hyaluronic acid, you can better appreciate its many benefits for the skin and effectively integrate it into your daily skincare routine. Whether in the form of serum, cream or mask, hyaluronic acid can help preserve the youth and beauty of your skin for visible and long-lasting results.

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