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Gentle Peeling

Quick break cream that turns into oil

Sale price4,90€

Sensitive skin - All ages

Hypoallergenic formula - 0% parabens - 0% silicones - 0% alcohol

Reduces the problems of the most sensitive skin or intolerant skin (tightness, burning sensation, tingling, itching)

The 1st Gentle Enzymatic Peel for sensitive skin, which combines the benefits of an exfoliant with the comfort of a treatment. Specifically formulated without abrasive particles to minimize the risk of allergies.

Keratoline gently exfoliates and purifies the skin without any irritating agent while Kombucha refines the skin texture for a fresh and rosy complexion. Its formula consisting of a duo of Hyaluronic Acid enriched with bio-vectorized Amino Acids (based on Oats) addresses your beauty concerns by providing both soothing and real anti-aging results.

This treatment immediately gently exfoliates and purifies the skin without any irritating agent. In the long term it unblocks pores, smoothes the skin, evens out the complexion and improves oxygenation of the skin.

You'll love this creamy, easy-to-apply texture, which transforms into a silky oil for a feeling of absolute comfort. You will appreciate its hypoallergenic, subtle and ephemeral fragrance, respectful of the pH of your skin.

Gentle Peeling
Gentle Peeling Sale price4,90€