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Article: effectiveness of anti-aging products: How to maximize their performance?

effectiveness of anti-aging products: How to maximize their performance?

In the vast galaxy of anti-aging care, it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the role of each product and to know how to use them wisely. Here is a guide to optimize the effectiveness of your anti-aging routine.

  1. Cleaning: The basis of any routine. Clean skin absorbs active ingredients better. Choose a gentle cleanser to avoid damaging the skin.
  2. Lotions: They rebalance the skin's pH after cleansing, thus preparing the skin to better receive subsequent treatments.
  3. Serums: These concentrates of powerful active ingredients act deeply. Apply after cleansing and lotioning for optimal absorption.
  4. The creams:
  • Day: Moisturize and protect against external aggressions.
  • Night: Richer, they support the natural regeneration of the skin during sleep.
  • Versatile: Some creams, like those from Rexaline, are designed for day and night use.
  1. Masks: To be used once or twice a week, they provide intensive care. Depending on the type, they can hydrate, purify or even plump the skin.

Their particularity? have a flash action like the Hydra Shock mask from Rexaline or the Hyalurx fabric mask. Or can be left on overnight like Rexaline's Derma Repair mask.

  1. Peels: They gently exfoliate and accelerate cell renewal. Use once a week. There are peels suitable for sensitive skin, such as the one offered by Rexaline in the Derma Repair range.
  2. Eye contours: Specifically designed for this fragile area, their roles vary. Some treat wrinkles more, others target dehydration, while some are ideal for sensitive eyes. However, they all have one thing in common: erasing signs of fatigue.
  3. Sun protection: Essential, even if your day cream contains it. UV rays accelerate skin aging. Opt for an anti-pollution version or a makeup base effect with the two UV protections from the Crystal Bright range.
  4. Order of application: For optimal effectiveness, follow this order: cleansing, lotion, peeling (if treatment day), serum, eye contour, cream and finally sun protection in the morning.
  5. Don't neglect the neck and décolleté: These areas, often forgotten, also age. Extend your routine there.
  6. Regularity: This is the key. A regular routine offers visible results.
  7. Adapt to your skin: Listen. If it is irritated, space out the peels. If it's dry, step up the hydration.

The beauty of the skin does not only lie in the quality of the products used, but also in the way you take care of it. A well-thought-out routine adapted to your skin type will bring you closer to the desired youthful effect.

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